AVENT Business Solutions Leading BULK SMS Provider in INDIA

Our Web based SMS offers bulk SMS delivery, address book, group functionality, bulk SMS imports of contacts, and many advanced features. Your SMS can be sent from excel document or using a desktop application with ease.

Our SMS Services could be effectively used in

Stock brokers and Bankers: Our SMS services are just right for bankers, stock brokers where customers could receive predefined business rules or other alerts where immediacy is of prime importance. This reduces direct communication cost and cost on people calling through phones.

Marketing: SMS is widely accepted as new and innovative marketing channel. Immediacy, directness gives it's a edge over others

Corporate: A great tool for internal communication. Sales force , corporate info alerts are few ways our tools be used effectively.

Interactive / triggered SMS for applications like sending automatic b'day wishes, anniversary wishes etc. to your customers

Features of Our Bulk SMS Service
  • No Setup Fee
  • Single and Bulk Messaging - Grouping Functionality
  • API Integration with your existing software/website.
  • Message scheduling for later delivery
  • Delivery Status Reports
  • Application can send text messages to lots of mobile numbers at the same time.
  • SMS messaging software can import mobile phone numbers from a text file or csv file.
  • Convenient user administration.
  • Import Mobile number and Name from text or CSV file..
  • Turn users accounts on or off.
  • Account Expiry dates can be set.
  • Assign message credits per user.
  • Registration page with your logo and colors.
  • Send Single or group SMS.
  • Free Desktop SMS Software.
  • Unique Excel plugin software to send sms directly from excel sheet
  • Web SMS for anywhere convenience.
  • Integration tools and API's.
  • Complete accounting of sent messages.
  • Text binary and unicode messages.
  • 6 character alphabetic sender ID.

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